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iPage Review

Terrible billing practices.

Last Updated May 7 2018

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Though iPage sells software, don't think of them as a software company— think of them as a predatory sales company. They license their website builder software from other companies and resell it in a way that's designed to take advantage of vulnerable customers.

For many years iPage licensed their website builder software from Weebly. Recently iPage changed this. They now license's software— a company with their own history of awful billing practices.

The way iPage makes their money is by using predatory sales and cancellation tactics.

Beware: iPage's Shady Checkout Practices

If for some bizarre reason you decide to use iPage, I'd recommend you exercise caution when paying. They do all kinds of shady stuff, such as automatically checking off (vague) upgrades for you:

I DID NOT choose these (vague) upgrades. Is this even legal in Massachusetts, where iPage is located?

I DID NOT choose these (vague) upgrades. They were automatically checked off for me. Is this even legal? (iPage is located in Massachusetts.)

There are several of these upgrades automatically checked off. I though I had unchecked them all but somehow I missed a $9.99 upsell further up the page. Grr.

Also be aware that iPage's pricing is extremely misleading. The price they advertise is introductory. The introductory price applies to the first year and then they jack up the price in the second year.

For example, the Essential Plan is $42.00 for the introductory year. After that, the price increases to $155.40 / year. That's a 300% increase.

Of course nowhere on iPage's pricing page do they mention what customers will pay once their introductory pricing is over.

Introductory pricing is also used by 1&1 and GoDaddy to swindle customers. (Here's a hypocritical GoDaddy commercial talking about how they support small business owners.) It's a shameful practice that needs to stop.

Beware: iPage's Shady Cancellation Practices

When I review website builders, I buy and cancel each one with my credit card to check their cancellation policies. Here's what happened when I tried to cancel my iPage account:

This is predatory bullshit.

Charging me a domain registration fee makes no sense: I had registered my domain name with another company and was just pointing it at iPage servers. I happen to be a developer so I know that this charge makes no sense— but website builder software is targeted at non-developers, how many of them will be able to recognize that this fee is bullshit?

Avoid iPage at all costs. It is a shameful, predatory company.

Conclusion: Should we be regulating software companies better?

I'm concluding this review with an open-ended question: should we be regulating software pricing better?

iPage automatically adds hidden upgrades to their customers checkout, they create false cancellation fees and swindle customers through bullshit introductory pricing. They are not the first company I've seen do this. That sucks. This kind of behavior is predatory and shameful.

Written By Steve Benjamins

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