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Now licenses its software from another company.

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Homestead has given up.

Their blog hasn’t been updated in 10 months— same with their Twitter account. Their Facebook page has 1 post in the last two years. The copyright on their homepage no says © 2016 (it’s been 2017 for several months).

At this point, Homestead’s best days are long gone. It was acquired by Intuit in 2007 and seemed to coast on outdated technology for a long time. But in the last year, Intuit decided to throw in the towel and just license website builder software from

So the website builder software on Homestead is actually the same as what you’ll find on ( licenses their software across a number of companies:, iPage and more. See my review of to see my thoughts on the Homestead website builder.)

The main differences between Homestead and is in billing practices: Homestead is more expensive and requires a credit card to try. is cheaper but has sketchy billing practices.

Honestly I’d avoid both companies— there are much better options.

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