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We're Hiring A Writer

Write articles that help people choose the right software. $30 USD per hour.

Hi, my name is Steve and I run Site Builder Report— a publication that helps readers find the right website builder through reviews and comparisons. It's like The Wirecutter or Consumer Reports, except for software.

Over 60,000 people use Site Builder Report every month and it's cited in publications like Wired and Smashing Magazine. We try our best to make Site Builder Report helpful: we take our time with research and present what we find in well-written, clear articles.

We're looking for a writer who can help contribute articles. You'd be responsible for researching answers to common questions about choosing software— for example, What Are 7 Alternatives to Squarespace? or Which Wix Plan Should I choose?

You should be comfortable at the intersection of technical writing and movie reviews. You should be able to describe software clearly and concretely— without getting lost in abstract language. You should be able to have a "take" or "opinion" about software— without reverting to hyperbole or exagerated langugae.

Let me give you some examples. This is needlessly complex:

This is a much clearer technical explanation:

This is an example of hyperbolic language:

This is much better— it provides a take, without feeling too effusive:

You don't need to be perfect— but should be interested, I'll train.

Steps: TTry this, try this, try this.


How To Apply

Email and introduce yourself. Explain why you might be a good fit in a short email (one or two paragraphs). If you have it, include two or three samples of writing that relate to the position.