The Best Ecommerce Software

What's the best software for ecommerce websites? I talked to 944 users of ecommerce software to find out.

By Steve Benjamins · Published July 20 2018

Recommended Shopify  icon


The best ecommerce software. People like it because it's easy to use and has a huge app store that lets your store be super powerful. Shopify also has a point of sale system for selling offline. You really can't go wrong with using Shopify— 97% is a really high customer satisfaction rating.

97% Reviews (77) Try Shopify
Recommended WooCommerce  icon


WooCommerce is a Wordpress plugin— so it runs on Wordpress websites. One user explained it well: "If you use Wordpress, WooCommerce is the best e-commerce option out there. If you have never used Wordpress before, setting up an e-commerce site using WooCommerce and Wordpress can be tricky."

94% Reviews (32) Try WooCommerce

What's the best ecommerce software?

I talked to 944 real-life, verified users of ecommerce software and asked them one simple question: do you recommend the ecommerce software that you're currently using?

I used their responses to calculate a customer satisfaction rating for the top 19. Here's what I found out.

My work is supported by affiliate commissions when readers choose ecommerce software based on this guide.

My work is supported by affiliate commissions when readers choose a photography website builder based on this guide.

This guide was created by contacting verified users of ecommerce software and asking their opinion of the ecommerce software they use. Reviews were not incentivized in any way.

Customer satisfaction is the percentage of users that that recommended the photography website builder. I talk to a minimum of 30 users / company in order to calculate the customer satisfaction.

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