Repealing Net Neutrality Will Hurt Entrepreneurs

November 22 2017 · Steve Benjamins

So much of life exists in grey areas— so it can be surprising to come across an issue that’s black and white: Repealing Net Neutrality is black and white. It’s wrong. It will make life harder for entrepreneurs.

The internet has been an amazing enabler of new kinds of entrepreneurship: think of all the Youtubers, comedians, retailers, musicians and consultants who have found their voice on the long tail of the internet. I know these people because I hear from them every day— these are the people that use Site Builder Report to build a website.

Every month Site Builder Report gets around 50,000 visitors. Of those visitors, about 2,000 try a website builder and 400 actually launch a website. That’s an incredible number. That’s 400 people with guts and courage who start a new thing. They are the upside of the internet. They are why we should not allow the FCC to repeal Net Neutrality.

Even Site Builder Report itself is a small business that would never have existed without a free and open internet. Most people use Site Builder Report once in their life. They read my reviews, choose a website builder and then forgot about me. Site Builder Report will never become a corporate juggernaut— it wouldn’t make sense. It only makes sense as a modest, one-person company. The internet enables that— without a free and open internet, Site Builder Report wouldn’t exist.

We need to protect and preserve the upside of the internet. We don’t know what businesses will be built, what songs will be uploaded and what podcasts will be recorded in the future. We do know that repealing Net Neutrality would be sacrificing that future potential.

You can call congress here.

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