How QuickSprout Got Started

November 13 2015 · Steve Benjamins

Quick Sprout was started as a way for Neil Patel to blog about internet marketing. Neil Patel always had some marketing blood in him and it started in high school, where he sold burned CDs, black boxes and car parts.

Only a year after he dropped the school sales and was sick of cleaning up vomit at a local amusement park, Neil started his first marketing website to draw clients for SEO and marketing consulting. While still in college, he lands his first major consulting gig which paid $3,500 a month. Neil wastes no time at all and gets named one of the top web influencers by The Wall Street Journal by 2005.

It wasn’t until 2007 that Quick Sprout was founded. It was a labor of love. Neil had lots of other projects including some blogs where he collaborated with others, and he really just wanted a personal outlet where he could blog about whatever he wanted. This site struggled to grow for about two years which Neil attributes to a lack of consistency and choosing topics not enough people cared about.

With a refocus and reinvigorated blogging effort, Quick Sprout saw some quick gains. Today in 2015, this site publishes a post 3 times a week and collects about 1,000 email opt-ins every day. Neil now gets to spend his time doing fun marketing experiments, like blowing a ton of money on social media to rest ROI, starting blog challenges, and even some experiments with panhandling signs.

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