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1&1 licenses the software for their MyWebsite service from DudaOne. So it’s actually the same website builder as DudaOne. If you decide to use 1&1 just be aware they disable their web-based cancellation in the first month.

The 1&1 website builder has a messy history.

For a long time, 1&1 licensed the website builder from Jimdo (another website builder company). But then the partnership with Jimdo dissolved and 1&1 stopped receiving updates from Jimdo. Instead they decided to try improving Jimdo’s website builder on their own. It didn’t go well— quickly the website editor became buggy, messy and oftentimes confusing.

In 2017 scrapped the Jimdo website builder and decided to license their website builder software from DudaOne, another website builder company.

You can find my full review of DudaOne’s website editor here— basically I give them 3 stars out of 5— mostly because it’s a quite complex to use. 1&1 of course has the same problems.

So today, 1&1’s website builder is a repackaged version of DudaOne. The main difference is that 1&1’s version doesn’t offer ecommerce.

I have not written a full review of 1&1’s website since 1&1 is a repackaged version of DudaOne. Instead I’d recommend you read my review of DudaOne for my take on 1&1’s website editor.

Here are some reasons to choose between DudaOne and 1&1:

1. Pricing

DudaOne has upfront pricing: $19 / month or $85.86 / year (which breaks down to $7.13 / month— a big savings). Interestingly, DudaOne also offers a $299 “site for life” plan that lets you pay a one-time fee for a lifetime of your website.

Pricing is a little less transparent with 1&1. For example, they are found of advertising “plans that begin at $0.99.” This is basically introductory pricing— for the first year of annual plans, 1&1 will work out to $0.99 / month. After year 1, the price increases to $9.99. So it looks something like this:

Year 1: $11.88 (or $0.99 per month)
Year 2: $119.88 (or $9.99 per month)
Year 3: $119.88 (or $9.99 per month)
Year 4: $119.88 (or $9.99 per month)
Year 5: $119.88 (or $9.99 per month)

So with the introductory pricing, 1&1 actually turns out to be cheaper than DudaOne.

2. Free Trial

1&1 requires you to pay right off the bat— no free trial (though they do offer a 30-day money back gurantee).

DudaOne instead has a free plan that you can use to try out the website builder first.

3. 1&1’s Buggy Billing System

I personally find 1&1’s system to be confusing and clunky. For example, you need to use your customer ID (a 9 digit number string) when logging in or when calling support. Plus the backend is really confusing— there’s a weird contracts system that takes a bit to wrap your head around.

But worst than confusion is the buggy billing system.

In 2014 I wrote a blog post about 1&1’s cancellation policy (it went sort of viral). In the post I explained how 1&1 invoiced me weeks after I had cancelled my account. At the time, I asked 1&1 customer support why this had happened and they told me sometimes the system generates crazy invoices— they told me not to worry because now I wouldn’t be charged.

But here’s the thing: billing systems should not generate “crazy" invoices. I can excuse bugs in a website editor— but bugs in billing software is inexcusable.

So I was cautious when I tried cancelling 1&1 again (March 2018). Once I figured out the complex billing system (rather than cancel the product, you cancel a contract you’ve made with the product) and locating the cancellation link, I clicked it and ran into an error. They told me there was “no cancelable single items present!”


Why does this keep happening with 1&1? Cancellation should be a bug-free, clear process.

I bought another product with 1&1 (rankingCoach Pro) and tried cancelling it. It also gave me the same error when trying to cancel.

So I called customer support and they explained that they send error messages if a customer tries cancelling in the first 30 days in case the customer accidentally cancels the product.

That’s insane: 1&1 should not disable cancellation in the first 30 days!!!

Written By Steve Benjamins

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